About us

The Office of the Attorney General of Samoa is governed by the Constitution of the Independent State of Samoa 1961 and the Attorney General’s Office Act 2013.

The core functions of the Office are:

1. To manage and to assist in carrying out the Constitutional, statutory and common law functions of the Attorney General.

2. To manage the legal services to the Head of State, Prime Minister, Cabinet, Ministers, and Government.

The Office has four legal Divisions supported by the Corporate Service Division. They are responsible for providing legal opinions to the Government, representing the interests of Government in all civil proceedings, drafting and reviewing government legislations, as well as reviewing and providing advice on all legal agreements and procurement contracts for the Government of Samoa. The Attorney General also has sole discretion to institute, conduct or discontinue criminal prosecutions.

In addition to its core legal functions, the office is committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance. We work closely with other government agencies and stakeholders to ensure actions of the executive Government are conducted lawfully.

With a team of experienced legal professionals, the office plays a critical role in ensuring that the rule of law is upheld and that the best legal services are provided to the executive Government.