About Us

The Attorney General is the constitutional Principal Law Officer of the Country in accordance with common law principles. The mission of the Attorney General’s Office is to serve the people of Samoa by upholding the Constitution and providing the highest quality legal services to Government. The Government of Samoa is our main client and we provide legal services to all Government Ministries and, where appropriate, to other Government Agencies. We do not provide legal services to the members of the public.

The Honorable Prime Minister is the minister responsible for the Office of the Attorney General.

Our Postal Address:

Office of the Attorney General
P.O. BOX 27

Hours of Operation:

Monday  —  Friday: 9:00 am —  5:00 pm

* All correspondence must be addressed to the Attorney General

Quick Facts

There are five divisions  (Legislative Drafting, Civil Litigation and Opinions, Commercial and International Law, Criminal Prosecutions, and Corporate Services). All these Divisions work together to achieve the results and performance measures expected of this Office each year.

There are plans in the pipeline for the legal divisions to be headed by Deputy Attorney General.

Contact Us:

Phone:       (+685) 20295/ 20296
Fax:            (+685) 22118

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