Commercial and International Law Division

  • The Commercial and International Law divisional responsibilities in brief are as follows:

    • Deals with Regional and International Projects
    • Negotiations for Lease, WTO, World Bank
    • International Human Rights

    The objective of the division entails the review and draft of commercial and other related legal documents as well as advising on national and international legal matters to ensure that Government’s interest is advanced and/or protected.

Our Postal Address:

Office of the Attorney General
P.O. BOX 27

Hours of Operation:

Monday  —  Friday: 9:00 am —  5:00 pm

* All correspondence must be addressed to the Attorney General

Quick Facts

There are five divisions  (Legislative Drafting, Civil Litigation and Opinions, Commercial and International Law, Criminal Prosecutions, and Corporate Services). All these Divisions work together to achieve the results and performance measures expected of this Office each year.

There are plans in the pipeline for the legal divisions to be headed by Deputy Attorney General.

Contact Us:

Phone:       (+685) 20295/ 20296
Fax:            (+685) 22118

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