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Tuilaepa Fatialofa Lupesoliai Aiono Neioti Dr. Sailele Malielegaoi


As the Minister responsible for the Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”), I am pleased to announce the launching of the Updated Office’s website.

The service this Office provides is vitally important for Government, and the people of Samoa, as reflected in its Mission Statement:

“To serve the people of Samoa by upholding the Constitution and providing the highest quality legal services to Government.”

 This Office is headed by a Constitutional Appointment whose core function is to uphold the rule of law as embedded in the Constitution of Samoa. This is an important duty which brands the existence of this Office as imperative, especially for the future generations of this country.

The OAG has undergone structural changes over the years under my tenure. With the development of the Office from the colonial to the post-colonial era, the OAG now fundamentally stands as an Office primarily run by its own officials. This is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication from all those who have served within the office. I take this opportunity then, to thank all the former Attorneys General that have contributed to the development of this Office into what it is today.

With prosecutions no longer under its care, the OAG is essentially comprised of two Divisions; the Civil Litigation, Commercial and International Law Division, (‘the Civil team’) and the Legislative Drafting Division (‘the Drafting team’) These Divisions provide services to 15 Government Ministries and more than 20 State Owned Enterprises. The Attorney General is also directly responsible as the legal officer for the Head of State, Prime Minister, Cabinet, Legislature, and further charged as a protector of the Judiciary.

May this office always strive to achieve the highest standards required of it, and may its members always dispense their legal duty within their expected rules of ethics; and in doing so, never forgetting that this Nation is founded on the Supreme Source of all Law, the Omnipresent God alone, while not neglecting the God-given culture and traditions that make Samoa the unique country that it is today.

 Ia Manuia, Soifua.


AG 1

Lemalu Hermann Retzlaff



“To Ensure a safe and just society, through the provision of quality and effective legal services.”

This is an enormous task but one that we count as a privilege to commit ourselves to.

We apply the principles of Faith, Excellence and Unity:

a) Putting our Faith in God first as a guide;
b) Striving for Excellence in the work that we do; and
c) Aiming for Unity within the team.

On these foundations we build towards a safe and just society when striving to give quality advice that is timely and relevant, so as to effectively serve government, and most importantly, the people of Samoa.

We look forward to meeting with and working with all the members of the government and community, we are called to serve.

Ia Manuia,


Our Postal Address:
Office of the Attorney General
P.O. Box 27
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm
* All correspondence must be addressed to the Attorney General.

Quick Facts

There are Three legal divisions (Legislative Drafting, Commercial and International matters as well as the Civil Litigation and Opinions)vision), and one support division (Corporate Services). All these Divisions work together to achieve the results and performance measures outlined above.


There are plans in the pipeline for the three legal divisions to be headed by Deputy Attorney Generals. Below them will be Assistant Attorney Generals. The Civil Division will have two sections comprising of:
(a) Civil Litigation, Opinions and Human Rights; and
(b) Commercial and International Relations.